Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Fun Fitness

Last Friday Mr Light and Mr Portway kicked off Broadford University with a brand new course of Fun Fitness. Over the next 10 weeks the children will be 'put through their paces' completing a range of physical and mental challenges to improve their all-round fitness. Friday was just the beginning with a fun warm up activity of 'nought and crosses' followed by some very close relay races eventually edged by the green team.

Ethan Gibbs, Larch, said after 'Mr Light I can feel my legs aching already!'

Below is what else is coming up for the Fun Fitness students:

Friday, 12 January 2018

Willow to Jump Evolution

Broadford Paralympics

Today saw the launch of our wonderful University of Broadford. After a very successful year last year, Miss Taylor was thrilled to immerse the children once more in a course of resilience, determination and reciprocity. You guessed it, Broadford Paralympics is making a comeback...

Year 5 Spellings - WC 15.01.18

Please find below Year 5's spellings for this week. Please encourage your child to practise every night so that they are prepared for their test on Friday. Challenge them to show you their power words as well!

Around the World in a Term

Today, term begins for the University of Broadford and one tutor eager to get underway is Miss Chau with her 'Around the World in a Term' course. For the first time in Broadford University history, pupils will be given an opportunity to travel the world and discover culture and customs from a variety of countries by making, doing, trying and seeing.

Highlights of the course include: making vibrant Rio carnival masks; trying sushi from Japan; creating a hip-hop dance and a rap in the style of US stars; and making an Eiffel Tower out of straws

Year 6 Star Writers

This week our star writers are Alfie Donnelly from Redwood and Ethan Gibbs from Larch. 

Mr Light was impressed by Ethan's use of relative clauses and the key features he remembered to include in his biography. Well done Ethan!

Alfie has been awarded star writer due to his hard work in class to write his biography. Alfie wrote chronologically and ensured that he edited his work carefully to make it his best. Well done Alfie!