Monday, 20 November 2017

Freddie's Dinosaur Encyclopedia

Freddie has clearly been very busy at home these past few months as today he brought in his completed original Dinosaur encyclopedia! Amazingly, Freddie separated his encyclopedia into sections for different types of dinosaurs, such as: aquatic, airborne and giant types. Each dinosaur has been carefully drawn and each species has its own fact file and handy size chart. 

I really enjoyed drawing the dinosaurs and writing the facts about them. The size chart is to help people see how big they are compared to humans and I hope they find it useful. I like sharing my project with Miss Chau and other teachers because they can see my hard work and passion for dinosaurs
Freddie Lewis 

Miss Chau was so impressed by Freddie's efforts and has shared it with as many teachers as possible. Thank you for bringing your project in to share with us all. Well done on your fantastic effort and achievement Freddie!

Friday, 17 November 2017

Willow class star writer

This week in Willow, our star writer is the very lovely Megan Robinson. It is no wonder after the phenomenal diary entry that she has produced from the perspective of Billy. Successfully, Megan was able to capture Billy's emotional turmoil and convey this to her audience, leaving them on the edge of their seat. Effectively, she embedded suspense throughout her story through a range of sentence lengths, clearly showed description through a range of vivid adjectives and powerful verbs and engaged her reader through appropriate rhetorical questions. Well done Megan, I can not wait to read more of your writing!

Willow class swimming

To all members of Willow class,

Just a quick reminder about swimming. Willow will be having their swimming lesson as usual on Monday (20th November) at Central Park Leisure centre. Children will be returning to school at 3.30 and can be picked up from Willow class, along with any siblings. 

Please make sure your child comes to school with:
Swimming costume/trunks
A towel
Named bag to store items
Swimming hat 
Goggles (if preferred)

Also, children who previously participated in personal survival will be repeating this activity again (until the end of term). Therefore, they will need an additional two tops, trousers or a skirt.

Thank you for your cooperation. 

Miss Taylor 

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Year 6 Star Writers

This week, our star writers in Year 6 are Jack Eve and Bradley Joy. Both of these boys wowed their teachers with their fantastic newspaper reports on Robin Hood winning the archery contest. They managed to include both direct and indirect quotes, an eye-catching headline, numerous sentence starters and a range of gripping vocabulary. Well done Jack and Bradley- you have worked extremely hard this week and you should be proud of your achievements!

Year 6 Spellings 20th-24th November

Below are the Year 6 Spellings for this week. The weekly test will be on a Friday and children should hand their books in on this day too.   Pupils are expected to practice their spellings for 15 minutes per day as well as practice their times tables and read at home. Children are encouraged to search for the definitions of the words and use them in sentences in order to gain merits for their tracker.

Year 5 Girls Puberty Talk

Tomorrow is the Mums/female careers and daughters puberty talk from nurse Cathie Forrester. All the Year 5 girls will attend the session in the hall and it would be lovely to see as many mums, grandmothers and female careers as possible. The session will begin at 9:30.

Healthy eating competition

As part of their first job as School Council, our representatives launched a 'healthy eating poster competition' to promote and explain the importance of a healthy balanced lifestyle across our school.

We had a phenomenal turnout of posters; beautifully decorated, extremely eye catching and full of important messages. However, after studying the posters closely, our represenatives decided that Ellie-Mae Wager and Ella Nash deserved first place as not only were their posters aesthetically pleasing, but also informative. Today, our school council representatives, Ty and Summer Rose, announced this in assembly.
This poster will accompany us on our first alliance cluster meeting, where we will continue to discuss healthy eating and how we can promote this in our school. For their masterpieces, the winners also received a cookbook to further inspire a healthy lifestyle.
Thank you to those of you who contributed and congratulations again to Ellie-Mae and Ella.