Friday, 18 September 2020

Greek Gods in Year 5

 Greek Gods in Year 5

For our topic - Ancient Greeks, Year 5 have been busy researching, fact finding and learning everything they can about the Greek Gods.

In History this week, the children spent some time researching interesting facts about different Greek Gods so that they could design and write their own profiles.

Both classes worked extremely hard and produced some amazing work - well done Year 5!

Zeus is the most powerful god - Freddie 

Aphrodite has a sacred dove on her shoulder - Gabriela

Year 6 - First P.E. lesson


Year 6 had a wonderful time on this sunny afternoon doing P.E.! They did circuit training, where they were doing exercises including squats, burpees, mount climbers and sprints! They also did team building where they had to work as a team to fit through a hoop without letting go of each other and a race to pass the ball between each other and score a goal in a basketball hoop! 

Well done! We saw lots of team work! 

Shout out to Leo for helping the other team when they lost their ball, Maisy for her super cheering and Riley for here sheer effort and perseverance. 

Year 5 Super Stars!

                      Year 5 Super Stars!

Well done to all of our amazing Year 5 children that earned themselves a certificate this week. You have all worked super hard and impressed your teachers.


                                  E for Excellence - Freddie / Tyler 

                                  Star Writer - Gabriela / Grace 

                                  Resourcefulness - Katlyn/ Fola 

                                  Resilience - Leah               

                                  Reciprocity - Nancy

Year 6 Certificates - 18.09.20



Another brilliant week for year 6. The children have explored the human eye in science including showing curiosity when handling spoons and seeing upside down reflections. They have also made coasters from clay in design and technology, they had to use tools to smooth edges and etch designs – they’re looking fab!

Here are this week’s certificate winners:




Star Writer


















I made my teacher happy



Tuesday, 15 September 2020

Year 6 Leavers 2020 BBQ -15/9/20

Dear Parents/Carers,

It is with a heavy heart that we have decided to cancel the Year 6 leavers BBQ, that was scheduled for 1st of October 2020. This is due to the Government's new rule of six for social gatherings, unfortunately, this event would be breaking the new rules. We would have loved to see all of your wonderful faces and see how much you have grown up since leaving us. We will be sending a little reminder of your time at Broadford, keep an eye out for it in the next few weeks.

Thank you for your continued support at this time and we hope that we can arrange something in the future to see you again when it is safe to do so.

Kind regards,

Miss Higgins
Year 6 Lead

Monday, 14 September 2020

Year 6 - Clay Sculpting - 14/09/20

Design Technology - Year 6

Year 6 have had lots of fun clay sculpting their own coasters today! Here are some pictures! 


"I use this tool to make the sides as smooth as possible" Joe

"If you use a little water, the clay becomes softer and easier to mold!" Amandeep