Tuesday, 30 September 2014

China Displays

And we're up! Year 5 are show casing some fantastic China-themed writing in their corridor displays. Be sure to check them out if you pop in!

Maple's Descriptive Fun

Today the children in Maple class were working on using powerful description and making sure they "show not tell" their reader what they are writing about. To help with this idea, all of the children were given a card with an animal or object that they had to guess based solely on their partner's description. A very silly, but very fun way of making sure we "show not tell" in our writing! Good job, Maple!

Outdoor subtraction

Year 5 went out to the playground to see if they could complete Miss Chau's subtraction challenge sums! The children worked with numbers up to ten thousands with thousandths and hundredths too with a lot of borrowing! The children demonstrated excellent teamwork and resilience.

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Maple Star Writer

Wow! Take a look at John Paul Rensch's writing! He's used so much fantastic vocabulary that he's earned himself a shiny Star Writer certificate and pencil! Keep up the hard work John! :) 

Friday, 26 September 2014


Congratulations Year 6's on your excellent coffee morning it was a huge success! 

Here are some highlights from throughout the morning...

The room was packed!

The children were polite and helpful.

The crèche was a bundles of fun.

Mrs Gradley was at the front of the queue on her day off, desperate to try the cakes we had been smelling all week!

Staff managed to sneak in some cake at break too!

Our amazing support staff who made this possible with their supervision of the cake baking and distribution! Spot them all around offering support!

All in all it was a fantasticly fun morning, with tasty treats all round! 

And the winners are...

Throughout the coffee morning our year 6's rallied the adults to get some competitions going! These included "Guess how many 100's and 1000's are on the cake" and "Spot the double shot (espresso)." Here is how they got on:

And Mr Drakes was jumped on as soon as he entered the hall...

After all the children's hard work I am pleased to announce that:

There were 4856 100's and 1000's on the cake, therefore, our joint winners are Hakeem Bakreen, Angela Beecham and Ian Seabrook who all guessed 5000 sprinkles.

The double shot of expresso was in cup M, well done Richard Dines and Andrew Clark who both guessed correctly.

Thank you to all those who entered the completions, as well as, thanks to those children who ran them.

Well done on a good days work.

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Elm brainstorm ideas

In Literacy, the children of Elm class working on their reciprocity muscle by sharing ideas with their partner. They are currently brainstorming adjectives they could use to describe the protagonist in our story and have come up with some fantastic ideas!


A big well done to our fabulous Year 6 children and staff for planning and staging their Macmillan coffee morning. There is still some cake left if you want to pop down!