Thursday, 18 July 2019

Year 6 Leaver's t-shirts

Dear Parents and Carers,

Tomorrow, Year 6 wave goodbye to Broadford Primary School. The LFPA have gifted all Year 6 children with a leavers t-shirt, which they can wear tomorrow in replacement of their usual school uniform t-shirt. With the leavers t-shirt the children must be wearing school uniform on their bottom half (for example: uniform trousers, shorts or skirts).

In addition to wearing their leavers t-shirt, tomorrow the children will have the opportunity to get their peers and teachers to sign a school uniform t-shirt. If the children wish to get a t-shirt signed they must bring in a school uniform t-shirt and a marker. The children will not be allowed to sign their leavers t-shirt or a t-shirt they are wearing.

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