Thursday, 12 July 2018

Did someone say Harold Hill Netball Champions?

Today, our incredibly gifted netballers competed in the most brutal of matches against their very strong competitors, Mead. However, it was no ordinary match. It was the FINALS match, which determined who was the overall champion school in Harold Hill. We knew it was not going to be easy...

To begin with, feeling the pressure of the game, the children ended the first quarter 2-1 down. However, resilient and determined, passionate and driven, the children - of course - did not give up. Instead, they stepped on to the court ready to face the challenge in front of them.

And did they play well... Miss Taylor could not have been prouder of her team who supported and encouraged one another, showed exceptional discipline and applied their set plays. The children's commitment to training and practice truly paid off as they quickly proceeded to soar and deservedly finish the game on a 12-8 win.

Year 5-6 team, you were sensational on the court. Your passion for the game was clearly palpable. You are Harold Hill Netball Champions!!!

Congratulations to our superstars: Oliwier, Tia, Timi, Yemi, Ranita, Ja'Shayla, Jessie, Martin, Caydon, Sienna, Levan.

...and at least we can say, Netball's coming home! 

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