Monday, 9 July 2018

Year 6 London Symphony Orchestra Trip

We believe in providing opportunities for pupils that widens their experiences.   Year 6 pupils were fortunate enough to be invited to an interactive interpretation of 'The Voyager' by the London Symphony Orchestra at The Barbican Centre in London.

Classical music and musicians may not play a heavy part in an average day for a 10/11 year old, so it was fascinating to see their amazement at the variety of instruments, the intricate conducting and the impressive collaboration the musicians demonstrated. Unfortunately, we were not able to take photos inside as there are strict rules in place at the Barbican.

My favourite instrument was the double bass because it sounded so magical and calming.

I had a brilliant day! It has really inspired me to play an instrument. Maybe I should take up the violin!

We listened to the orchestra and observed how they changed pitch and tempo as well as participated in using hand signals to complement the mood of the music. We also sang 'The Voyager' to the tune of 'I vow to thee my country' by Gustav Holst which we have been learning in class!

The children had a brilliant day and thoroughly enjoyed themselves and consider themselves extremely fortunate to enjoy such a special day out.

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