Thursday, 12 July 2018

Year 5 Fiver Challenge Sale TOMORROW!

Over the past few weeks, Year 5 pupils have been participating in the Young Enterprise Fiver Challenge. Young Enterprise is the UK's leading enterprise and financial education charity, helping young people to develop the skills they need for life and work. Pupils were pledged £5 and given one month to set up a mini business to create a product they could sell at a profit and engage with the local community. The children have been working extremely hard to hand-craft their products and we are very excited to say that the time is nearly here for them to open for business! 

The products available to purchase are shown below and are priced between 10p and £3.00, with lots of special offers and multi-buys also available. We request that customers bring coins rather than notes to ensure that enough change is available throughout the sale. 

Trading will begin tomorrow morning at 9.15am and the sale will run until approximately 11.30am. All children in school will have the opportunity to attend in order to purchase items. If you wish to attend at the same time as your child, the class timetable can be viewed at the bottom of this blog post. 

Entry is free and everyone is welcome. The Year 5 team look forward to seeing you there!

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