Monday, 16 April 2018

Help to find our prized TES award!!!

This morning, students of Broadford were shocked by the sights of our TES award cabinet, hugged in heaps of police tape, warning not to touch or tamper. Inside, the cabinet revealed the absence of our precious, prestigious awards, though our 2016 plaque still stood proudly (and lonely.)

It is alleged that Mr Martin made the discovery of the theft this morning, where he found glass scattered across our corridors. Fortunately, Mr Drakes had reliable contacts in his phone, who could swiftly make a visit to our school to repair the broken glass before the arrival of our children this morning. Unfortunately, he did not have the contacts to magically restore our awards. 

However, evidence has been obtained, which may indicate the identity of the crafty culprit. Putting her trust into year 5 students, Mrs Nicholls has decided to let the dependable individuals study each source to gather their ideas on this abhorrent crime and (hopefully) put the puzzle pieces together. As a result, Year 5 students will - on behalf of the Romford Recorder - report the crime in their upcoming newspaper articles. 

This violation has to be the work of someone outside of our school, who is clearly jealous of our achievement and success - Martina Rensch. 

Let's hope justice is upheld and we can reveal the face of the mischievous menace capable of such an  unspeakable misdemeanour.

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