Monday, 16 April 2018

Teacher Takeover

On May 10th, the pupils of Broadford School (years 5 and 6) have been given the opportunity to switch roles with the teachers, who will join their fellow pupils in learning time. 

Now it's the children's turn to become school staff, with 5 different available positions:
1 Head teacher, 2 assistant head teachers, 2 office administrators, 9 teachers and 9 teaching assistants across the whole of key stage 2. 

If your child is currently seeking employment at Broadford School, then come find staff and prefects who are happy to supply pupils with a CV. Please note: the deadline for the takeover is on the 24/4/18. Applications will  be considered on the following day (Wednesday) and children will be appointed in due course.  

Good luck pupils of Broadford! Happy applying. 

Blog post by:
Ella Nash, Storm Hawkes and Jacob Owsley

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