Monday, 16 April 2018

Year 6 Summer 1 Learning Challenge

We are delighted to provide you with the learning challenge for the first half of the Summer Term. You will notice that the activities are split into Basic, Advanced and Deep Learning. This is a way for us to look at learning at Broadford, and is designed to ensure that children not only acquire factual knowledge but also gain a further understanding about how their new skills or knowledge can be applied to their own lives or be used to further their cognitive and social development.

The theme of the Learning Challenge for this half of the Summer term is 'Is Planet Earth Dying?' It is entirely up to the child whether they select the poem, significant person, music or painting, or a combination of all 4. They can also select the activities that they want to attempt, though we would encourage them to deepen their learning as much as possible. 

Significant Person
Barack Obama
Image result for barack obama

Henri Rousseau: 'Dreams of the Jungle'
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U2: Beautiful Day

ST Coleridge: Silent Sea

Another vessel sheds the chrome
of its silver mile until a mile
meanders into three, triples again
over the reef. Nothing can breathe
under oil, nor register that
dark membrane’s slick
over sight. We were the first
cracking the hull of the earth
open, our foolish husbandry
a metallurgy that’s brimmed
with false gold too often
we can talk, and talk, and talk
but a ship in space, manned
by non-thinking from non-feeling,
says absolutely nothing at all.

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