Friday, 11 May 2018

Teacher Takeover

Today, the children of Broadford engaged in a teacher takeover. Children from years 5 - 6 stepped into the world of employment, including jobs such as a teaching assistant, teacher, assistant headteacher, headteacher and office administrators. 
Resourced and raring to go, teachers welcomed their classes in for registration with the assistance of their teaching assistants, before proceeding to deliver their outstanding lessons. From horror story writing, to classifying animals, the children truly captured the essence of learning. 
'Wow! That was fantastic. Please say we are doing it again next year, because if we are, I am definitely going to apply again!' David White, Willow.

'I really did not know I had the confidence to do this, to step in front of a class and teach, but I did it today, which shows I can do anything!' Courtney Simpson, Maple.

Meanwhile, the headteacher - Arhaan - was organising his assembly and distributing vital jobs for his assistant head teachers to carry out. Soon after, the assistant headteachers were wandering the corridors, venturing into classrooms to ensure teaching was to a high standard and pupil engagement was at its peak. I can confirm... It was.
Mrs Taylor even remarked on the phenomenal abilities of Lilly, Josh and Lacey, stating that they were brilliant at their job roles in the office, answering phone calls with confidence, meeting and greeting visitors and keeping very busy with office messages. In fact, she feared that the current office employees may be replaced. 
A fantastic job from all our pupils, including those learning and those in employment. I hope you feel inspired for the future! 

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