Thursday, 10 May 2018

Year 5 Star Writers

This week in Year 5, our star writers are: Martina Rensch, Oliwier Bartnik and Adam Murray.

Oliwier constructed a well thought through newspaper report, detailing the events of the missing TES awards. To engage his reader, Oliwier successfully embedded a range of sentence types, used parenthesis and thought about the impact of a captivating headline. 

Martina put bundles of effort into her report, ensuring that she carefully considered how to group her ideas and record the events in a coherent and clear manner. In order to achieve this, she used precise language, appropriately organised information into paragraphs and, although showed elements of bias, ensured her writing remained factual. 

Similarly, Adam produced a phenomenal newspaper article. He clearly used organisational features of an article, ensured he used formal tone throughout and drew upon direct and indirect sources to provide a wide range of perspectives in his article, which thus influenced his audience. 

Inspiring writing Year 5, we expect to see some of your writing published in real newspaper reports. We definitely have some journalists on our hands. 

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