Wednesday, 9 May 2018

WE Walk for Water 2018

On the 27th April, we came together to Walk for Water and help promote change throughout developing countries. At Broadford, we held a non-uniform day and each class - despite the wind and rain - walked around the trail two times. 

Children across the school were shocked to learn that throughout some developing countries women and girls have to walk up to 3.7 miles per day to collect water, which is often contaminated.  

The WE Walk for Water campaign is run by the WE Movement, who believe that every person has a right to clean water. The children were passionate in their solidarity of the WE Movement, standing up and making a change. At the end of the day the children were able to take pride in their actions, not only had they raised money, which will go towards changing lives, but they had helped raise awareness of an issue which impacts countless lives everyday. 

'Being able to raise awareness of such an important cause was really exciting. It is saddening to learn that so many children and adults throughout the world have to walk so far to get water, something we can easily do by turning on a tap. Hopefully the steps we have taken today will help make people more aware of issues which are going on around the world.' Chloe Kirk, Willow Class.  

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