Thursday, 8 November 2018

Year 5- Prime number detectives!

On Tuesday in maths we became prime number detectives. All week we have been learning about prime numbers and using our problem solving skills.

This is the information year 5 were given:

Sing-Song Aloud is a very popular competition for singing. Every year, thousands of people enter the competition in search of fame.
This year is no different... but there has been a crime committed!
Somebody has sabotaged the equipment and they have broken the microphones, with only pig-like sounds being emitted!
The police have been investigating exactly what happened.
As the Detective Chief Inspector, it is your job to work out who the saboteur is.
Your officers have taken down the names and descriptions of the people on set that day. Your task is to solve the clues and work out who has sabotaged the equipment!

We all worked incredibly hard using our resilience skills to decipher the code to find out who committed the crime.

We also all used our resourcefulness skills to identify the prime numbers and our reciprocity skills to work as a team.

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