Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Netballers aiming for GOLD

Today, Broadford had another challenging netball game, this time against Pyrgo Primary. Making it look effortless, Broadford cooperated as a team, effectively communicated with each other and ensured they were the epitome of precision to (hopefully) gain another win.

Despite the weather conditions, (SNOW, they played in snow) the children were resilient and secured a 5-1 win, meaning they are still on for gold. Absolutely phenomenal job Broadford! 

Congratulations to Levan, Tia, Oliwier, Jessie, Martin, Yemi and Ranita and Ja'Shayla, who stepped in very last minute and still managed to put on a spectacular performance.

A special congratulations to our wonderful Tia, who not only played out of position today, but also obtained the title (nominated by Pyrgo) of player of the match.

Let's maintain our wins Broadford and we could be number 1... 

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