Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Year 6 Science Workshop

This afternoon in Year 6, the pupils were lucky enough to participate in a Science workshop with a real 'Mad' scientist- Gooey Stuey. The children learnt about Isaac Newton and how for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. 

We started with an experiment based around rockets and Caitlin and Freddie proved how the rocket with the balloon would be slower than the one without because the air would push against the balloon. The pupils also discussed aerodynamics and how we could make the perfect rocket!

In an experiment on thrust, the children experimented how to get their balloon to move along the string using only a straw and some sellotape. Once the children achieved it horizontally, they were then tasked with getting the balloon to move vertically. Lethu and Caitlin achieved this first!

The experiments were fun because we got to investigate thrust in groups. Not many other schools get to do a workshop like this so we're really lucky! 
Ellis, Redwood 

I can't wait until I can get home and play with my new rockets! 
Charlie, Larch

I wonder what else we can make easily with scientific experiments
Lacey, Larch

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