Friday, 22 October 2021

Year 5 Certificates 22.10.21

Another amazing week for our Year 5's and our first half term complete!

Well done to Willow for winning the Rockstars battle and well done to the top 3 children across the whole year group!

We can't wait to see you guys again on Tuesday 2nd November, have a great week off.

 E for E - Carla
Star Writer - Siena
Resourcefulness - Naiara
Presentation - Fiki
Reciprocity - Rebeca
MDA Award - Tavia
TTRockstars - Nana & Victoria

Teacher Happy - Louie & Riley
TT Rockstars - Louie
MDA Award - Layla-Rose

Bronze Prestige Tracker - Aarna
Teacher Happy - Tyler & Emily
Reading  - Daisy & Mia
Reflectiveness - David
Resilience - Ethan & Ruby
Reciprocity  - Daisy
Resourcefulness - Happiness

Year 5 celebrate Black History Month

This past week Year 5 have taken the opportunity to celebrate Black History Month.

We started the week off making some masks for our festival celebration on Wednesday.

On Tuesday it was a chance for us to recreate the famous artist Jean Michael Basquiat's artwork, the children did such an amazing job of interpreting his work and making it their own.

Over the last couple of weeks we have been practicing a song by Martha and the Vandellas which we have also performed - see video below.

This is not the end of our learning about black history, we will be ensuring we deliver a diverse and inclusive curriculum throughout Year 5. 


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Thursday, 21 October 2021

Year 6 Certificates - 21.10.21


We have nearly finished our first half term in Year 6 and what a wonderful few weeks of learning we have had. All the children should be so proud of everything they have achieved - they definitely deserve a restful week off!

E for Excellence

These children have put in 110% effort this week and really showed us how in the green zone they were with their learning. Thank you for your incredible hard-work.

Congratulations to: Callie, Riley, Lily

Star Writer

Congratulations to: Moyin, Jeremiah, Leah

The 4Rs 

We want to recognise the students who really exemplified the 4Rs this week, both in and out of class. 

Congratulations to: Chris

Congratulations to: Grace, Katlyn and Klaidi

Certificate of Presentation

These children have worked exceptionally hard on their presentation in Maths or Literacy this week. We can't wait to see soon who will be earning their pen licences for outstanding presentation.

Congratulations to: Nancy, Ollie H

Times Table Rockstar Certificates

Well done to the children that have worked on their times tables this week to level up and a huge congratulations to our battle of the band winners!

Project Superstar

Well done to Joy who is our project superstar in Year 6 this week!

Celebrating Black History Month - Year 6

Year 6 have worked hard this month to celebrate Black History Month. They have been learning about inspiring black people who have campaigned for change and made outstanding contributions to society.

In their learning, they have: written biographies on inspirational black people; created captivating presentations and have produced different pieces of art inspired by talented black artists.


Black History Month Carnival Parade Day - 20.10.21


Wow - what a truly amazing day yesterday was here at Broadford. The children were dressed in such vibrant colours to represent our Carnival learning during Black History Month.

They continued to create masks and costume decorations in preparation for our parade conga line around the school.

Here are some photos from the fabulous event:

Here's to next year's celebrations - well done children!

Watching Holes in Year 6

We wanted to inform all parents that to round off our literacy unit based on the book 'Holes', we will be watching the Disney film in classes tomorrow morning. The children can't wait to see how the book is represented as a film and they definitely deserve a treat after working so hard this half term!

Year 6 Team