Tuesday, 14 September 2021

Cool Computing in Year 6!

 E-Safety: Being Internet Kind, is Year 6's computing topic this Autumn Term. Last week, children learnt about what it means to be a bystander and an upstander when witnessing bullying or mean behaviour online. 

"A bystander is a witness to what's going on, but doesn't really do anything about it." - Harry

"An upstander is a witness to what's going on, but is someone who tries to positively intervene" - Leah

We looked at these scenarios, and classified which behaviours were demonstrated from an upstander or bystander. 

Year 6 recognised a pattern: an upstander is resourceful (using different tools to positively intervene, such as blocking, complimenting, or reporting to a trusted adult), and also demonstrates reciprocity (complimenting the target or asking them if they are okay). 

The children were excellent and distinguishing between upstander and bystander behaviours, and were even brave enough to perform to their class their own scenarios. 

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