Tuesday, 14 September 2021

Year 6 Certificates 10.09.21

Year 6’s first week back was absolutely outstanding. The children have settled in so well, have worked extremely hard in their lessons, and demonstrated some fantastic learning behaviours.

Apologies for posting a little later than usual, not everyone had received their certificate yet and we wanted all the children to be celebrated on the blog!

E for Excellence

These children have put in 110% effort this week and really showed us how in the green zone they were with their learning. Thank you for your incredible hard-work.

Congratulations to: Grace, Nathan, and Nela

Star Writer
Well done on your excellent and carefully written tension pieces this week. 

Congratulations to: Molly, Israel, and Gabriela

Please see the school blog for E for Excellence and Star Writer pictures. 

The 4Rs 

We want to recognise the students who really exemplified the 4Rs this week, both in and out of class. 

Congratulations to: Alfie

Congratulations to: Freddie

Congratulations to: Roberto

Congratulations to: Mitchell 

Certificate of Presentation

These children have worked exceptionally hard on their presentation in Maths or Literacy this week. We can't wait to see soon who will be earning their pen licences for outstanding presentation.

Congratulations to: George, Moyin, Sophie, and Andrew


I Made My Teacher Happy

Congratulations to: Riko

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